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Teledyne Relays Introduces Overload-Protected, Surface Mount, Plastic 6-Pin Commercial Relay

HAWTHORNE, Calif. (October 22, 2003) - Teledyne Relays today introduced the Series C63 solid-state relays - a plastic 6-pin commercial DIP designed to meet the compact size and overload protection requirements of many design engineers.

The Series C63 offers improved performance and more functions than previous devices of the same configuration, according to Antonio Gallegos, product marketing engineer. It also features a surface mount package called the SC63.

The 1A, 60 Vdc relay utilizes a power FET switch. It features short-circuit/overload protection to prevent damage to system components, assemblies and system wiring; optical isolation to isolate control circuits from load transients and eliminate ground loops and signal ground noise; and low off-state leakage current for high off-state impedance.

The short-circuit/overload protection feature detects a short in the circuit and trips the relay off. Overload conditions such as a high current surge can also be detected. Once the C63 trips off, it will remain off until the overload/short-circuit condition is removed and the relay is cycled (Off/On).

Teledyne Relays developed the Series C63 in response to customer demand for small, short-circuit protected, low-cost plastic relays. Teledyne, through its Voice of the Customer program, continually interviews major customers and innovative new customers to determine their next-generation switching requirements as well as their recommendations for improving current products.

The C63 and SC63 feature identical mechanical specifications except for pin length. The SC63 relay measures 0.39 x 0.25 (excluding pins) x 0.175 inches (including pins) (9.91 x 6.35 x 4.45 mm) and weighs 0.035 ounces (1g).

Pricing is $12.50 each at 1000-piece quantities. Lead time for delivery is stock to 10 weeks.

For more information, call (800) 284-7007, visit or send an e-mail to

Teledyne Relays, a unit of Teledyne Electronics and Communications, has been the world leader in manufacturing ultraminiature electromechanical and solid-state switching products for more than 40 years. The company's comprehensive product line - including 31 new products released in 2002 - meets a wide range of requirements for industrial, commercial, military and aerospace uses.

Teledyne Relays has introduced the SeriesC63 and SC63 solid-state relays - plastic 6-pin DIP devices designed for commercial applications.

Technical Contact: Antonio Gallegos
Phone: (323) 241-1264
Fax: (323) 241-1288

Editorial Contact: Steve Kelley, Kay Lau & Associates
Phone: (310) 278-2200

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