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Teledyne Relays Announces New GRF300/GRF303 DPDT Relay Series
New Non-Latching GRF300/GRF303 Relay with Signal Integrity Performance Measured up to 18Gbps

Hawthorne, CA, May 2013: Teledyne Relays introduces the GRF300/GRF303 family!
The ultraminiature GRF300 and GRF303 relays are designed to provide a practical surface-mount solution with improved RF signal repeatability over the frequency range. GRF300 and GRF303 relays feature a unique ground shield that isolates and shields each lead to ensure excellent contact-to-contact and pole-to-pole isolation. The GRF300/GRF303 version with the improved ground connections can push the performance up into the 10Gbps data rates for digital signal integrity applications. This ground shield provides a ground interface which results in improved high-frequency performance as well as parametric repeatability. The GRF300 and GRF303 extend performance advantages over similar RF devices that simply offer formed leads for surface mounting. These relays are engineered for use in RF attenuator, RF switch matrices, ATE and other applications that require dependable high frequency signal fidelity and performance.

The GRF300 and GRF303 feature: high repeatability, broader bandwidth, metal enclosure for EMI shielding, high isolation between control and signal paths and high resistance to ESD.

The GRF300 and GRF303 series have a stub pin surface-mount option and are also available with one or two diodes. The GRF300D/GRF303D model has an internal diode for coil transient suppression and the GRF300DD/GRF303DD model has internal diodes for coil transient suppression and polarity reversal protection. The GRF300DD/GRF303DD relays have internal discrete silicon diodes for coil suppression and polarity reversal protection. This hybrid package reduces required PC board floor space by reducing the number of external components needed to drive the relay.

The GRF300/303 Series measures .375 x .315 x .335 inches (9.52, 8, 8.51 cm) excluding leads and weighs .1 ounce (2.9g).

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Teledyne Relays, a Unit of Teledyne Technologies Inc., has been the world's innovative leader in manufacturing ultraminiature, hermetically sealed, electromechanical and solid-state switching products for nearly 50 years. The company's comprehensive product line meets a wide range of requirements for industrial, commercial, military and aerospace uses.

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Tyler Burger
Marketing Specialist
Phone: (323) 241-1206
Fax: (323) 241-1287

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