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LPBD Series: 250 mA 100Vac Dual Normally Closed SIP SSR

  • Dual SSR: Two relays in one
  • Normally Closed - Conducts current without input power
  • Optical Isolation
  • Compact SIP package


    The LPBD100 is a dual-output 100Vdc plastic relay. The relay output-switch contacts are normally closed and will conduct the load current until a voltage is applied to the relay input. With 4 volts or more at the relay input, the output-switch contacts open and the relay no longer conducts. The LPBD100 assembly contains two independent relays, completely isolated from each other, in a single in-line package (SIP). The relays provide optical isolation between input and output terminals. Each relay output circuit uses a pair of depletion-mode MOSFETs for reliable operation.

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