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Series C75

1 Amp, 60 Vdc 16 pin Dual-In-Line, short circuit position, status feedback, SMT, THT

The C75-2S solid state relay utilizes a power FET switch that is protected against overload and short circuit currents. Protection is provided against turn-on into a short circuit, shorts that occur while conducting loads up to rated for long term overload currents above rated that slowly overheat the relay. Once the protection trips the relay off it will remain off until reset by cycling the input control. Using the C75-2S to switch power loads can prevent fires, damage to system assemblies and system wiring. The power FET output offers low "On" resistance and can switch loads in either the high or the low side of the power line. The C75-2 is packaged in a 16 pin DIP, with surface mount or through hole mounting available. The C75-2SH also provides an open collector trip status feedback to the relay's control side for short circuit and thermal trip monitoring.

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